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Liability Coverages

This typically covers bodily injury and personal property expenses of the other party, if you are at fault.

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Collision Coverage

This covers damage to your vehicle if you hit a standing object like a pole, rail, or light post.

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Comprehensive Coverage

This covers you in the event of things other than car accidents, such as your vehicle being stolen, vandalism, or ice damage.

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This assures that you are protected if another driver is uninsured, or under-insured.

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Medical Coverage

This covers medical expenses for injured persons in your vehicle during an accident.

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Rental Car Coverage

This pays for a rental car while repairs are being done after an accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.


What types of car insurance discounts can I get?

There are a ton of discounts available. Safe driving record, homeowner, multiple car discounts. Call us and we can tell you more about these.


Can I get insurance if I'm under 25?

Drivers under 25 years of age can still be covered, but premiums may be higher since they are not as experienced and may pose a higher risk.


Am I covered in a rental car?

In most cases, your car insurance will cover you in whichever vehicle you are driving. To be sure, check your policy. Also car insurance companies offer policies over the counter.


Do you offer cheap car insurance for women?

Car insurance rates factor in lots of details about your age, location, driving history. Call us and we can see which discounts you qualify for.